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Before we can ship your things…

Thank you for renting with Backcountry Packraft Rentals!
Before we can ship your equipment, we need you to print, sign, and send back the form below.

Waiver and Credit Card Form

Here at Back Country Packraft Rentals we want to ship things to you as cost effectively as possible. Rather than charge you a generic shipping rate, we pack everything compactly and calculate the best deal for you based on what you rent and where you need it sent. This amount has to be calculated and charged after you book your equipment which is one of the reasons we ask you to fill out the credit card form as well. You can submit this information through email or over the phone.

Phone: 406-272-6468

Estimated shipping is around $40 for a single raft and paddle and $5 after that for each additional raft and paddle. Personal Flotation Devices increase shipping costs significantly.