Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?  How do I rent from you guys?
  • Reserve your equipment through our online reservation system or over the phone at 406-272-6468.  Your credit card is charged for the rental equipment through stripe.   Be sure to reserve early if you can due to high summer demand.
  • Reserve the entire range of dates you want the rafts in your possession.   Example: March 16-18 would be a three day rental period including March 16th, 17th and 18th.  The packrafts would arrive March 15th and you would need to ship them back on  March 19th.
  • Complete our rental agreement and waiver form– Every person in your group needs to sign their own legal waiver before the rafts can be shipped.   Waiver’s can be signed online using this link.  The credit card used to pay for the rafts will be kept on file in order to charge you for any possible damages or loss (we will not charge it for any other reasons).  If you’d prefer to have a different card on file than the one you reserved the rafts with, give us a call 406-272-6468.
  • We ship you the rafts, guaranteed to arrive the day before your rental begins -OR- for local pickup near Browning, MT, you pick up the equipment the afternoon before the first day of the rental period.
  • Have an awesome adventure!
  • After your trip clean and dry off the boats completely (they tend to stink if you don’t dry them off).
  • On the morning of the first day after your rental period roll them up and load them back into the box.  Attach the provided, prepaid shipping label and drop off at the nearest shipping location (FedEx or UPS depending on what shipping service was cheapest for us to use).
Explain how shipping a packraft works?

Packrafts are  made to be portable, so it is easy to ship to your location. We provide packaging and a return label so returning your boat is as easy as possible.  We ship anywhere in the continental US, but you can always ship the rafts to your house and fly with the packrafts to an epic trip in Patagonia, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska or anywhere else you’ve always wanted to go (ask us about winter discounts for those of you going to the Southern Hemisphere during our winter).

How much does shipping cost?

To make things simple, we charge flat rate  for all rafts shipped in the Western US.  The prices are as follows: $40-1 raft, $50-2 rafts, 60-3 rafts, $70- 4 rafts.  For 5 rafts or more 2 packages are needed so 5 rafts would cost $110 in round trip shipping ($40 +$70).  These flat rate prices should auto-calculate when you make an order.  Prices are for round-trip shipping and do include accessories associated with those rafts.

For rafts going West of the Mississippi, an additional $10 to $20 will be charged per raft, based on shipping estimates.  Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii will increase the price as well.  Please call or email for an exact quote.

Do you charge for the days the packraft is in transit?

No, we only charge for the days you reserve the rafts.  The shipping days are free to you.

When does the rental period begin and end?

The first day of the rental period is the first full day that you have your rental in hand and the day before you send it back to us.  Essentially, reserve the raft for the days you want to use it.  You’ll receive it in time and you’ll send it back when you’re done.

What services do you ship through?

We use Fedex primarily, but also UPS or whatever service gets your rafts there in time.

What are my options for spray skirt styles?

We basically have 3 styles: Self Bailing, Cruiser and Whitewater.  Self Bailing is like what the name implies, the water comes over the bow and drains out the sides.  If you’re rafting during months other than July and August, you’ll probably want a dry-suit.  Cruiser– a spray skirt that keeps out 90% of the water that comes over the bow.  It cans zip almost all the way off.  Easy to get in and out of.  Velcros around you.  Whitewater- Goes over your shoulders like a kayak whitewater skirt, attaches to specialized deck and keeps out 95% of the water that comes over the bow.

Have your boats ever been late for a rental?


What if I lose, destroy or damage a raft?

Check out the damages and loss section of our waiver.  You may have to pay for the raft to be fixed or in the case of a total loss, you’ll have to pay for a new raft.  Don’t stress though, we try to treat you like we’d like to be treated and won’t charge for normal wear on the boats.

What packraft brands do you carry?

We carry Alpacka brand packrafts. Although other packraft companies are putting out better models each year, Alpacka continues to lead the pack when it comes to design, durability and performance.  They also offer the widest variety of rafts.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your rental with less than one month’s time before your rental  dates, we are unable to refund your money but will let you bank your credit and reschedule within the next year without an additional charge.  If you give us notice one month prior to your rental date we can try to help you reschedule or simply refund your deposit minus 10% for credit card processing fees.

What if I’m late returning my raft?

If gear is returned late, we will charge you twice the daily rate for every piece of equipment (raft, paddle etc.) for every day it is late.  It sounds harsh, but you may be delaying, or even effectively preventing someone else’s trip by not returning your equipment on time.  Days late will be based on when you ship and not when it arrives so the raft getting lost after shipping is not your responsibility.  If the end date of your trip is up in the air, book it for the latest possible end date.  In some cases we can extend your rental period while you still have the raft, depending on availability.  You must contact us in advance and receive our permission in order to do this.

Besides Packrafts, what other equipment do you offer?

For full details on rafts and accessories, check out our equipment rates page.  We offer spray skirts on several rafts, Paddles, Dry Bags, Dry Suits, PFDs(personal floatation devices) sails and dry-bags.

In case you were wondering, all our rafts come with a lightweight inflation bag and patch kit

What kind of safety gear do you recommend?

Life jackets and helmets are required equipment on our waiver.  It is best to wear a life preserver at all times.  Backcountry rivers can change fast and you might not have time to put your life jacket on before a big rapid if you are sitting on it.  If you fall out of your packraft, you will most likely do so backward which means a whitewater helmet is highly recommended for any rapids.  Lastly, many states require life jackets to be in your boat at all times and we have had renters get fined for not carrying them.

What type of raft will be best for me?

As a general rule, if you’re on the line between sizes go to the next size up.


  •  6’4″ + (or lots of gear) Mule
  • 6’ – 6′ 4″ -Denali Llama.
  • 5′ 8″ to 6′ -Yukon Yak.
  • Under 5’8″ -original Alpacka
Do I need to sign a rental agreement or liability waiver?

Yes.  Each person using the rafts needs to sign a legal waiver.  We need a credit card on file in case of  late fees, cleaning fees, damage and loss fees.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes!  Groups of 6 or more who pay using 2 credit cards or less will receive a 15% discount with a 2-day minimum and potentially 20% discount during the shoulder season.  Contact us for more info. 406-272-6468

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes, if you’d like to receive notice of such discounts please send us your email.  We also offer discounts on our facebook page!

Do you sell used rafts?

Yes, check out our used rafts page and click here to be added to our email list which we use to notify our customers about used raft sales.  We sell the bulk of our used rafts during the off-season.

Do you ship to Canada?  What about Alaska?

In general, shipping to Canada for a rental is not usually a good option for us or the person renting the rafts.  We have priced it out a few times and the shipping charges always make it not quite worth it to the renter.  Plus, it is out of our inventory many more days for shipping (which we don’t charge for).  Lastly, there is the possibility of the package getting hung up in customs which would ruin everyone’s arrangements.  We honestly wish there was someone in Canada we could refer you too, but as of now there isn’t.  However, there are a couple ways it can work:

1. We are open to discussion for longer rentals 10+ days, or rentals that end before June 15th and after August 15th but the renter must pay the shipping.
2. In many cases, we have shipped rafts to towns along the US- Canadian border and the renters have picked them up there, so that is probably the best option, if you live close to the border.
Pretty much the same story for trips to Alaska, minus the customs wild card.  Ideally you can take it with you and we’ll waive your air days in most cases.  Shipping to Alaska is a little more doable, but is still typically $100+ one way.