Alpacka Gnu- Adventure Racer

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Since its introduction in 2012, the Gnu has been the go-to boat for the world’s best adventure racers.  The 2019 Gnu establishes a new standard for adventure racing, with expanded interior leg room allowing both paddlers to sit in the optimal kayak position for maintaining a high pace over long hours of racing.


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Adventure Racing is all about speed and efficiency. On the one hand, the boat has to be light enough to not slow you down when you are carrying it on overland stages. On the other hand, any extra speed that you can maintain on the water is critical. The first generation Gnu (introduced in 2012) and the longer second generation Gnu (introduced in 2017) were extremely light for a full two person packraft, but the kneeling position was challenging for extended paddling stages especially when following long stages of running or biking.

Enter the 2019 Gnu, which features the same hull shape as the Oryx canoe but utilizes a long, inflated center seat to provide a keel and allow both paddlers to sit with their legs extended and feet below the hips. This is the optimal position for maintaining power and efficiency over long distances with a kayak paddle. The higher volume hull also produces less draft, which further increases paddling efficiency. The top speed of the Gnu is not noticeably faster than the prior versions, but it is much easier to maintain over distance which can dramatically reduce stage times.

While the Gnu is optimized for most adventure racing courses, the Forager is a better option for courses that are mostly whitewater.

Sizing and Specifications

Exterior Length 129in | 328cm
Exterior Width 40in | 102cm
Interior Length 74in | 188cm
Stern Interior Width 14n | 36cm
Bow Interior Width 12in | 30cm
Weight w/o Cargo Fly* 10.6lb | 4.82kg
Weight with Cargo Fly* 10.9lb | 4.93kg
Packed Size** 18×8.5in | 46x22cm
Max Capacity*** 800lb | 363kg

Please be advised, the price above does not include shipping.  Round trip shipping is $40/1 raft, $50/2 rafts, $60/ 3 rafts and $70/4 rafts for rafts shipped in Montana.  Rates for outside of Montana are as follows: Rafts shipped outside of Montana but still in the Western US are an additional $5 /package.  Rafts shipped East of the Mississippi are an additional $15/package (above the Montana rate).  Please call or email for all shipping rates for groups of 5 rafts or more or rentals outside of the continental US.  If there is a miscalculation on shipping we will refund/charge the card used to correct the miscalculation.  Card user will be notified before card is charged for this purpose.

Additional information

Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 24 in

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