Kifaru Paratarp Shelter

From: $6.00

Ultralight shelter for one person and gear or two folks in emergency. Small and light enough to always toss into a daypack for bombproof bivy-ing.

Free shipping.  Shipping is factored into the rental price.

The basic shelter is open at the front for 3 season use.

Pitching options:

  • Ideally suited for use with available materials (tree branches, trekking poles,etc)
  • Can be pitched with optional Peg and Pole kit
  • Open front allows you to build a fire or use one of our stoves



  • ultralight paratarp

    ultralight paratarp

    What’s a great way to cut down weight on your shelter?  Take out the poles an floor?!!  Yes, that is in fact how this shelter is designed.  To keep the tent up, a series of stakes is used as well as either two trecking poles or correctly sized sticks form your camping spot.

    But what about the floor?  Won’t water run through?  What about bugs?  Check out this blog entry on the topic.

    Best uses of ultralight paratarp: 1 man and gear or emergency bivvy for 2

  • Weight: 13.4 oz. canopy only
  • Weight: 1 lb., 13 oz. canopy with Peg & Pole Kit.
  • Highly wind resistant (60 mph+) and water proof, regardless of configuration
  • Compatible with Annex and stove to make the ultimate 4 season shelter
  • Guy-out points to help add usable interior space
  • Can be pitched as a flat tarp or shelter
  • Flat Dimensions: 9′ 6″ long x 8′ wide front x 5′ wide back
  • Pitched Dimensions:
    Length: 7′ 8″
    Front width: 55 in.     Height: 42″
    Rear width:  55 in.     Height: 26″

Additional information

Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 24 in