Map of Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex – For Sale


This map covers the entire Bob Marshall Wilderness complex including The Bob Marshall, Great Bear and Scape Goat Wildernesses.  It is your best option if you are doing any significant trekking before getting on one of the waterways in Bob Marshall Wilderness complex.  It covers the entire area in great detail.  It is divided into a north half and south half, one on each side of the map.  This is the most comprehensive map of the area and has been used by hikers and floaters alike for years.

It is also great to use in conjunction with a gps as you can pinpoint your location and then find out what is coming up next.  This item is for sale (not for rent) and because most people will use it in planning their trip, we send it to your location immediately rather than with your rental.  The cost of shipping is included in the price- or shipping is free if you want to think of it that way! The price is cheaper than amazon once shipping is factored in.

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The map weighs 5.1 oz and measures 4″x9″  when folded up.

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Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 24 in