The Mule-6’4″ Plus

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The Mule, like the name suggests, can carry some weight! The Mule is Longer than the Llama, with a wider bow with less rocker (bow upturn).  The Mule is ideal for larger folks (recommended for rafters over 6′ 4″) and those who want more cargo room and stability, while maintaining maneuverability.  Ideal for hunting, fishing, packing small children and whitewater alike!  See below for details on spray skirt options.

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The mule is available in two styles: cruiser spray skirt and whitewater spray skirt.  Weights differ slightly (but not more than a pound) between the three options.  For a description of each style, please check out our FAQ pagePlease select from the drop-down tab which option you prefer.

We are currently out of the following styles for the following 2020 dates:

Cruiser spray skirt – 5/12 to 5/29, 6/4 to 6/16, 7/16 to 7/28

Whitewater spray skirt- 5/18 to 5/28

Please note, it takes 2 business days (at least) to ship rafts and the above unavailable dates only reflect the dates those rafts are not in our inventory and ready to be shipped.

Please be advised, the price above does not include shipping.  Round trip shipping is $40/1 raft, $50/2 rafts, $60/ 3 rafts and $70/4 rafts for rafts shipped in Montana.  Rates for outside of Montana are as follows: Rafts shipped outside of Montana but still in the Western US are an additional $5 /package.  Rafts shipped East of the Mississippi are an additional $15/package (above the Montana rate).  Please call or email for all shipping rates for groups of 5 rafts or more or rentals outside of the continental US.  If there is a miscalculation on shipping we will refund/charge the card used to correct the miscalculation.  Card user will be notified before card is charged for this purpose.

Also, our booking system isn’t working perfectly, so if the days you want are unavailable, it doesn’t hurt to call or email us to double check that it isn’t an error on our website!  406-272-6468


  • Base Weight: 5 lb. 6 oz. (2.35 kg), Cruiser Skirt: 7lb 7oz, Whitewater: 7lb 14oz, Self-Bailing: 7lb 5oz
  • Exterior Length: 105″ / 267 cm
  • Inner Length: 54 in (138 cm)
  • Inside Width at seat: 14.5 in (37 cm)
  • Inside Width in bow: 13 in (34 cm)
  • Max Outside Width: 38.5″ / 98cm
  • Bow Upturn: 3 in (7.5 cm)
  • Roll Down Size: 8 in (20 cm) Diameter x 24 in (60 cm) Long
  • Side Tube Diameter: 12 in (30 cm)
  • Color: Cedar Green

Additional information

Weight 4.15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 24 in